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Saturday, October 8


Leveraging Social Media 101: Messaging to Trending
Social media have proliferated over the past decade and their application to health has been more recently growing in consideration and use. A number of factors are contributing to this including their real-time nature, ability to track and collect data, the openness of the medium, and their fast-paced nature of the platforms that enables rapid and ubiquitous sharing of messaging and content.
The development and demand for these platforms and applications, however, have outpaced the research and evidence to demonstrate successful implementation and evaluation of their efficacy and validity for various initiatives. Successful implementation of these platforms means appropriate evaluation of the considered strategy and how it supports the program objectives of the initiative. Moreover, even with successful implementation, the disconnect between the online and offline worlds makes it challenging to evaluate their impact as it relates to impact.
This interactive workshop will present an overview of how to think about social media beyond traditional platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; opportunities for use in campaigns; frameworks for planning social media interventions; and frameworks and strategies for evaluating these initiatives. 

avatar for Beni Gibson

Beni Gibson

Director of Operations, Trinity Missions

avatar for Amelia Burke-Garcia

Amelia Burke-Garcia

Senior Director of Digital Media and Director of the Center for Strategy & Research, Westat
Amelia Burke-Garcia is Westat’s Senior Director of Digital Media and Director of Westat’s Center for Digital Strategy & Research. With over 12 years of experience in digital, social, and mobile media, she is an innovator in the digital space for the public sector. Her most recent... Read More →

Saturday October 8, 2016 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Baltimore 2
Sunday, October 9


Innovation Station: Creating Time Where Time Doesn't Exist: Outsourcing as a Sustainable Solution.
How many times do you find your "To Do" list of BIG dreams getting bigger and bigger, but you never seem to get any of those dreams done? It is because you do NOT have time. Yes, we said it, you don't have the time. Planning resources, including outsourcing those ideas, and utilizing the best digital resources and tools without breaking the bank, is the most sustainable solution. . We will walk you through the planning process for outsourcing and introduce you to digital tools in the marketplace that can provide similar, cost-effective results for your organization to use if outsourcing is not an option. You will walk away knowing how to tackle your big dreams and at the very least, knowing people to help you accomplish it for you!

Presented by Design BIG Dreams

(Innovation Station is an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase new ideas and services)

Sunday October 9, 2016 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Baltimore 3
Monday, October 10


Keynote Address: The Performance Imperative and the Year of Mercy

In this keynote address, Ms. Zeman will focus on The Performance Imperative (PI), a framework that was developed by the Leap Ambassadors Community to help faith-based and secular nonprofits perform at a level worthy of their calling and the people they serve.

She will challenge the audience to ask themselves what it would take to look in the mirror and know that their organization is making a meaningful, enduring difference – beyond what would have happened if it had never existed. She will describe a common definition of “high performance,” one that was developed by dozens of nonprofit leaders from across the country, and will detail the seven organizational pillars that can help nonprofit organizations progress on their journey toward high performance.

Ms. Zeman will introduce the audience to the concept of high performance, and challenge them to use the PI as a way to guide and bear witness to their journey to high performance as a means to achieve better outcomes for the people they serve, and to demonstrate their effectiveness to their funders.


avatar for Denise San Antonio Zeman

Denise San Antonio Zeman

Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, Morino Institute
Denise San Antonio Zeman is a dynamic, outcome and mission-focused professional with over thirty years of executive level experience in philanthropy, health care administration, human services, and higher education. She is currently serving as a member of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors... Read More →

Monday October 10, 2016 9:45am - 10:45am
Woodrow Wilson A


5 Ways to Engage Millennials & Raise More Money This Year
How do Millennial values and tech-centric approaches influence donor behavior across all generations? Discover proven tactics for attracting, engaging, and retaining young supporters and redefine giving for your mission. Join this session to create a research-backed plan to engage Millennials as advocates, donors, volunteers, and fundraisers and learn why understanding this generation will help you better connect with donors of all ages.

avatar for Elizabeth Cotter

Elizabeth Cotter

Director of Advancement, SJHA
Elizabeth Cotter’s background is in fund raising for Catholic schools and religious orders. She has experience building development teams from the ground up. She is also versed in utilizing creative communication plans that re-connect lapsed donors to organizations’ missions... Read More →

avatar for Caryn Stein

Caryn Stein

Vice President, Marketing, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Caryn Stein is the Vice President of Marketing for Ruffalo Noel Levitz, the leading provider of enrollment and fundraising management for higher education and nonprofits. Ms. Stein is dedicated to helping organizations combine data and technology with compelling fundraising experiences... Read More →

Monday October 10, 2016 10:45am - 11:45pm
Annapolis 2


What's Coming Next and How to Manage It - Part III

It's back! The popular, award-winning panel returns to continue the conversation.  Come participate in this fast-paced, free-form discussion of the current trends in Catholic direct marketing.  All past winners of NCDC’s George Holloway Award, the panelists share their thoughts and experiences building support for a wide range of nonprofits.  These experts will discuss their successes and challenges, answer your questions, and take a stab at predicting the future of Catholic DR fundraising, in a free-form format.

avatar for Paulette Karas, FMS, CFRE

Paulette Karas, FMS, CFRE

Co-director of Development, The Marist Brothers
Paulette has been with the Marist Brothers, NCDC Active Member, since the inception of their development.  Together with Br. Hugh Turley, Paulette co-directs a comprehensive development and fundraising program for the Province of the United States.  Paulette is a CFRE and currently... Read More →

avatar for Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle

President & CEO, Amergent
Jack Doyle is President and CEO of Amergent, NCDC Corporate Partner. Jack has been providing fund raising and consulting services to a variety of non-profit organizations for over five decades. He has been a speaker for DMA, NCDC and regional NCDC meetings. Jack is a past Board Chair... Read More →
avatar for Lynn Edmonds

Lynn Edmonds

Strategic Fundraising Consultant, RobbinsKersten Direct
Lynn Edmonds was President of LW Robbins (now RobbinsKersten Direct ‘RKD’) for 14 years and is now serving as a Strategic Consultant to RKD and other non-profit organizations.. She is a nationally recognized industry leader who has developed innovative fundraising programs for... Read More →
avatar for Larry May

Larry May

Sr. VP for Strategic Development, Infogroup Nonprofit
Larry is SVP for Strategic Development at Infogroup, NCDC Corporate Partner.  He focuses on helping forward-thinking nonprofits develop data-driven growth strategies for our changing marketplace.  In 1993, Larry and his partners founded May Development Services, one of the leading... Read More →
avatar for Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters

CEO, Moore DM Group
Geoff was formerly President of one of the USA’s oldest direct mail fundraising agencies and later President of Creative Direct Marketing International, a global fundraising agency specializing in European and Asian countries.  For nearly 20 years he worked with international charities... Read More →

Monday October 10, 2016 10:45am - 11:45pm
Annapolis 1


Case Study: How Inbound Marketing Will Help Your NonProfit Grow
Inbound Marketing provides a strategy for your content that is designed to develop more advocates for your organization. But how does the methodology actually work? And what are examples of an organization using various types of content tailored for personas at different stages of the Advocate Journey? This case study workshop will expose the 4 stages of Inbound Marketing, including how Missionhurst has developed its content to attract and connect with existing and new audiences to drive engagement, support, and advocacy.
1. Understanding what “Inbound Marketing” is and how it relates to Donor Development
2. Why content is needed to engage existing and prospective donors
3. How to convert prospects using Inbound Marketing tools (Blogs, Emails, Landing Pages, Calls-To-Action, Premium Content)

avatar for Rachel Earl

Rachel Earl

Director of Direct Response Fundraising, St. Labre Indian School
Rachel Earl is the Director of Direct Response Fundraising at St. Labre Indian School.  She has been in non-profit fundraising for the past 9 years.  She manages the direct mail, e-fundraising, social media and telemarketing programs.   She also oversees the donor relations and... Read More →

avatar for Zach Busekrus

Zach Busekrus

Director of Marketing Strategy, Direct Development
Zach Busekrus is the Director of Marketing Strategy at DD and excels at developing custom content marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations. He leads the strategic planning of communications plans that are based on data-driven methodologies and tactics that optimize conversions... Read More →
avatar for Fr. Randy Gonzales, CICM

Fr. Randy Gonzales, CICM

Director of Development, Missionhurst
Fr. Gonzales is originally from the Philippines. From  2001-2007 – he did mission work in Texas for the Archdiocese of San Antonio and Diocese of Brownsville.  Since 2007, he has been involved in direct marketing, meeting donors, and visiting different parishes around the country... Read More →
avatar for Tony Fraga

Tony Fraga

CEO, Direct Development
Tony Fraga has experience with both print and digital media with an expertise in producing variable content. He regularly presents educational sessions on the latest trends in content marketing and how they can be used effectively for nonprofits of all sizes. Tony works out of Direct... Read More →

Monday October 10, 2016 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Annapolis 2


Partnership for Mission: The Role of Community Foundations Today

Today’s community foundations are about mission in both traditional and exciting, new ways.

In this session, participants will come to a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of community foundations and how their institutes, agencies and organizations can partner with a community foundation to help advance their mission, their development efforts and their ministries.

 Both a foundation and a charitable institute will talk about the benefits of partnership and offer concrete examples of how these partnerships are making a difference in Catholic philanthropy.

avatar for Sarah Hanley

Sarah Hanley

Executive Director, The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia
Sarah is the Executive Director of The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia (CFGP).  She leads CFGP’s Mission Advancement Services (MAS) development consulting division and is responsible for the Catholic Charities Appeal for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the St Charles... Read More →
avatar for Chad McEachern

Chad McEachern

President and CEO, Edmundite Missions
 Exciting. Experienced. Engaged. Just a few of the words used by many to describe the ministry of Chad McEachern, President & C.E.O. of the Edmundite Missions. At the Edmundite Missions, Chad provides oversight, vision, and management to all aspects of the organization. He ensures... Read More →
avatar for Daniel Medinger

Daniel Medinger

Corporate Secretary, Board of Trustees, The National Catholic Community Foundation
Daniel Medinger is a Trustee of the National Catholic Community Foundation, currently serving as its corporate secretary. He is also chair of the Communications Council for NCCF.He is president of Advertising Media Plus, a full service media, communications and development firm that... Read More →
avatar for Edward Robinson

Edward Robinson

President, The National Catholic Community Foundation
Mr. Robinson is president of the National Catholic Community Foundation since 1997.Throughout his career, Mr. Robinson has been active in philanthropy and charitable service. With over 40 years of experience in Catholic philanthropy, he has been an active member of the Raskob Foundation... Read More →

Monday October 10, 2016 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Annapolis 4
Tuesday, October 11


Don't Say You Are Using Social Media --Use It to Expand Your Awareness and Donations
Many organizations say they are using social media, for example, Facebook. But are they really using social media to get their message out there? From 3 prominent Catholic organizations, we show how social media and digital marketing was used to increase awareness and donations.

1. Understand how Social Media really works
2. Understand the different platforms for different messages
3. Prove it works


Sue Kadrich

Director of Communications/Mission Advancement, Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians)

avatar for Mitch Boersma

Mitch Boersma

Chief Operating Officer, The Catholic Information Center
Mitch Boersma is chief operating officer of the Catholic Information Center (CIC) (www.cicdc.org) in Washington, DC, coordinator at Catholic Voices USA, (www.cvusa.org) and associate editor of The Stream.  (www.stream.org) He is co-founder of The Leonine Forum – a year-long fellowship program equipping young leaders with a renewed understanding and application of Catholic Social Teaching for professional and civic life. In 2014, Mitch was named one of FOCUS’ (Fellowship of Catholic University St... Read More →
avatar for Dave Mahoney

Dave Mahoney

Vice President, Digital Strategy and Marketing, Messenger Eagle Communications
Dave is a senior digital and social marketing expert with leadership experience in Fortune 500, faith-based, & entrepreneurial firms, including PayPal, eBay, & Messenger Eagle. While at PayPal, Dave led the enterprise marketing efforts with brands nationally such as Under Armour... Read More →
avatar for Tim Watkins

Tim Watkins

President, Renegade Communications
Tim was Renegade Communication’s founding investor in 1988, joining the firm full time in 1991. Since then, as Chief Executive Officer, he has turned what was once a small firm into a multi-faceted creative strategic advertising and marketing communications company focused on building... Read More →

Tuesday October 11, 2016 10:15am - 11:15am
Annapolis 1


Postal Changes That Will Affect Nonprofit Mailers

Many nonprofits use the U.S. Postal Service to raise funds, communicate their causes, and send newsletters and magazines to subscribers. In fact, nonprofits currently generate one-tenth of all US Mail. We all are aware that the USPS has been going through painful adjustments to lower mail volume and higher costs. These adjustments have led to a bias toward trying to raise postage rates above the rate of inflation and to lower service standards.

 Big changes are coming that nonprofit mailers should be aware of and involved in shaping. Legislation to “reform” the Postal Service is making its way through both houses of Congress. The Postal Regulatory Commission will soon begin a major review of the postal pricing regulatory system and possibly make significant changes. The executive director of the national coalition of nonprofit mailers will present what has been happening and what to expect in the near future. More important, there will be great opportunities for nonprofits to make their voices heard as our postal system is re-shaped.


Mary Lambert

Development Director, Society of the Little Flower

avatar for Stephen M. Kearney

Stephen M. Kearney

Executive Director, Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers
Stephen Kearney is honored to serve since 2014 as the executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, the only full-time advocate and information source for nonprofits in all postal and mail matters. Steve ensures that nonprofit mailers’ interests are heard in Washington... Read More →

Tuesday October 11, 2016 10:15am - 11:15am
Annapolis 2


Results of 2016 Salary Survey

Bill Yacullo, Managing Partner of Trinity Executive Partnership, will present the results of the recent Compensation and Benefits Survey.

 The survey, which was sent earlier this year to a variety of Catholic fundraising organizations, not only looks at salary levels for 14 individual job titles, but gathers data on benefits, staffing levels and succession planning.

This is the fourth survey conducted by NCDC and Trinity Executive Partnership.

avatar for Kari Miller Willis

Kari Miller Willis

Executive Director, Office of Mission Support, Friars of the Atonement (Graymoor)
Kari Miller Willis has over 27 years experience in all aspects of fundraising, communications and not-for-profit organizational management.  She has launched or expanded fundraising programs for health care organizations; social services; child welfare agencies and catholic ministries... Read More →

avatar for Bill Yacullo

Bill Yacullo

Managing Director, Trinity Executive Partnership
William J. Yacullo is Partner of Trinity Executive Partnership and President and shareholder of Lauer, Sbarbaro Associates, Inc., the Chicago office of EMA Partners International.  He recently completed a two-year term as Global Chairman of EMA Partners International.Prior to joining... Read More →

Tuesday October 11, 2016 10:15am - 11:15am
Baltimore 4


Long Term Digital Success Stories in Catholic Fundraising
This session will feature in depth case studies of two Catholic organizations, Salesian Missions and The Claretians/St. Jude League. Our speakers will explain how reasonable, realistic budgets for online fundraising and digital media efforts can drive long-term success. Salesian Missions wanted to increase site traffic, grow their email file, and boost revenue. See how custom campaigns and display ads enabled Salesian Missions to connect new audiences to their mission, increase email conversions, and boost website traffic – increasing total online revenue by 80% year over year. The Claretians/St. Jude League achieved steady growth over 7+ years of the program. We will show the program added channels over the years and tested new innovative strategies and tactics.

1. Understand how long term digital program planning and strategies can have a dramatic effect on your overall fundraising program revenue and donor growth.
2. See specific strategies, tactics and campaigns that have worked and can apply to your program
3. Learn the best innovative techniques for reaching new audiences, converting them to donors and retaining them over time.

avatar for Sr. Joan Mumaw, IHM

Sr. Joan Mumaw, IHM

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Friends in Solidarity, Inc.
My latest venture is establishing a not for profit organization to raise awareness and raise funds in support of Solidarity with South Sudan. Solidarity is a new model of ministry bringing together men and women, religious from several congregations and countries who are training... Read More →

avatar for Jarred Schremmer

Jarred Schremmer

Director, Digital Strategy, RobbinsKersten Direct
Jarred is dedicated to providing quality strategy and support, and superior results for nonprofit clients seeking to advance their mission through the digital space and integrated direct response fundraising. Jarred has developed his fundraising expertise by working with and for many... Read More →
avatar for Fr. Mark Hyde, SDB

Fr. Mark Hyde, SDB

Director, Salesian Missions, Inc.
Fr. Mark Hyde received his early education in his hometown of Meriden, CT.  He completed his high school studies at Salesian in Goshen, NY, and graduated from Don Bosco College, Newton, NJ in 1975 with a BA in Philosophy.  He received his Master’s in Divinity from the Pontifical... Read More →
avatar for Amanda Wasson

Amanda Wasson

Sr. Vice President of Digital Strategy, RobbinsKersten Direct
Amanda's 20 years of experience in multi-channel direct marketing, communication and development make her a highly sought-after specialist in nonprofit fundraising and communication. Amanda provides strategic planning and marketing communications and oversees digital strategy and... Read More →

Tuesday October 11, 2016 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Annapolis 1


Telling the Story of America's Mail Industry
The Mailing Industry, over 200 years old, is comprised of public and private companies that create and produce mail and parcels as the core of their business operations. The industry supports over 8 million US jobs, generates over $1.3 trillion in sales revenue and comprises 8% of the US GDP. The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum has embarked on a venture to tell the story of direct marketers,  publishers, nonprofits, public entities — as well as all the businesses that help prepare mail, such as ad agencies, print shops, software vendors, and transportation providers. This research project investigates the 200 year-old partnership between private industry and the United States Postal Service, who together provide efficient and effective communication and commerce channels to consumers and businesses across the United States and the world.

We will explore how Catholic organizations, and others, have long shared a deep history with the U.S. Postal Service. From making offering envelopes to direct mailing, Catholic organizations have been an important part of the mailing industry. This presentation will go into the history of Catholic organizations in the Mailing Industry, what the National Postal Museum’s research project is all about and how you can participate.

Information for this project submitted by these Catholic Organizations:

Catholic Relief Services

Cathedral Corporation

Edumndite Missions

Maryknoll Sisters and Fathers and Brothers

Our Sunday Visitor

Salesian Missions


Donna Adair

Senior Manager, Catholic Relief Services

avatar for Emma Auburn

Emma Auburn

Director, Postal Museum and Advancement Department, Smithsonian Institution
Emma Auburn is the Executive Assistant for both the Director of the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum and Advancement Department in Washington, D.C. The museum is dedicated to the preservation, study and presentation of postal history and philately. Auburn has been associated... Read More →

Tuesday October 11, 2016 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Baltimore 3


The Coming Generosity BOOM
...The biggest opportunity for financial growth in the next two decades

"The Coming Generosity BOOM" lays out the three key factors for fundraising success in the next 20 years: 1) Targeting Baby Boomers, 2) Engaging them online, and 3) Significantly decreasing the number of times you ask for money while increasing the number of times you engage donors meaningfully.  The fundraising methodologies that have carried the fundraising sector for the last 100 years are still rooted in the industrial model of transaction-centered methodologies and practice even though the Internet has virtually disrupted previous industrial-based business models in all other sectors of the economy. To be successful in the next 5 years, let alone the next two decades, fundraisers must pivot and develop new working models that are online and focused on a generational cohort that is likely to become the greatest giving generation ever.  In a fast-moving workshop format, the presenters will dissect the characteristics that are unique to Boomers as well as showing the interplay with the Millennial cohort [the other oversized population cohort] and present a new strategic framework that is fashioned to create faster, better, and more sustainable revenue for nonprofit organizations.

Objectives  ;
1. Learning Outcome #1: Why the Boomers should be the focus of fundraising for the next 20 years.
2. Learning Outcome #2: The methodologies and practices built for the industrial age are incompatible with the reality of online society and a new model [framework] will be proposed.
3. Learning Outcome #3: To be successful. the key shift is away from transaction-centered approaches, to relationship-centered development.

avatar for Lisa Lydon

Lisa Lydon

Director of Advancement, Mercymount Country Day School

avatar for Mary Bannon

Mary Bannon

Director of Major Gifts, Congregation of the Passion, Holy Cross Province
Mary has been in Catholic fundraising for over twelve years.  In her current position as the Director of Major Gifts for the Passionists of the Holy Cross Province she is responsible for all special events, grant relations, strategic outreach and relationship building with current... Read More →
avatar for Mike Browne

Mike Browne

President, Browne Innovation Group
Mike Browne, Founder of Browne Innovation Group is a recognized entrepreneur and innovative marketer and has been a CEO of a number of corporations. Since 1995, Mike has been a guest lecturer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the College of Business. Mike has served on the... Read More →
avatar for Kn Moy

Kn Moy

Senior Vice President, Strategic Foresight, Masterworks
Kn Moy joined Masterworks in 1996, after serving at World Vision for a dozen years. He is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Foresight, a role that came about as Masterworks realized that the nation is in the midst of seismic changes that are redefining the marketplace.Kn has... Read More →

Tuesday October 11, 2016 3:15pm - 4:15pm
Baltimore 3
Wednesday, October 12


Digital Engagement: Reaching Millennials and Younger Donors
Using Digital Engagement to reach supporters.  Each Ted-style Talk presentation will emphasize one particular digital area where their organization has done well or which is unique in some way for their organization.  They will also speak to particularly how it has been successful with millennials and younger donors.  Participants will be given the opportunity to comment and ask questions.

Area emphasized by each talk:

United Way will be speaking about Do More 24, the largest online giving day in the Greater Washington region, which has successfully engaged younger people to give and volunteer. 

Cultivating the next generation of donors is crucial to the future for all nonprofits. The American Heart Association will talk about the various ways they market their events to appeal to young donors and how they use snap chat and other social media tools to engage millennials while they are attending events.

Over the past 2 1/2, Catholic Relief Services has invested in a social media strategy to acquire and engage millennials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By leveraging interactive content, such as Facebook Live and 360 degree videos, we’re meeting millennials where they are online and making it easy for them to donate.

See3 Communications, a consultant working with the Jewish Community, will speak about the video outreach they have used to attract millennials and younger donors. 

avatar for Julia Desilets

Julia Desilets

Assistant for Advancement, Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious
Julia Desilets is the assistant for advancement for the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) in Washington, DC. CMSWR is a council of the major superiors of 120 communities of women religious in the United States. Julia holds a STB and STL in Theology with a specialization... Read More →

avatar for Mitch Hurst

Mitch Hurst

Senior Consultant, See3 Communications
Mitch Hurst has more than 25 years of communications strategy experience working with nonprofits and grantmaking foundations. He’s done everything from establishing a communications and marketing function at a philanthropic association before the days of the Internet, to creating... Read More →
avatar for Renee Rosenfeld

Renee Rosenfeld

Vice President, Marketing & Communications, United Way of The National Capital Area
Renée Rosenfeld is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at United Way of the National Capital Area where she oversees the brand development and communications to bring to life the organization’s mission, vision and work in building the most vibrant and accessible community... Read More →
avatar for Melissa Stevens

Melissa Stevens

Social Media Strategist, Catholic Relief Services
As Catholic Relief Services’ Social Media Strategist, Melissa Stevens oversees the strategic direction of the organization’s social media channels. She works with all aspects of the organization to effectively tell their story through social media and reach the right audiences... Read More →
avatar for Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

Director, Digital Communications and Social Media, American Heart Association
Shannon Wright is a digital and social media professional with 14 years of experience. She has been responsible for helping the government and non-profit sector develop and deliver innovative, high-impact digital communications strategies to meet business and communications objectives…and... Read More →

Wednesday October 12, 2016 9:45am - 11:45am
Woodrow Wilson A